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You know, if they were going to copy Bay, I would've preferred if Bay had directed it himself. Liebesman has the creative talent of a rock, while Bay has the creative talent of a... let's say a shiny rock. Either way, both are awful directors, but I'd rather see a director's actual style than plagiarized style.

I hope they have Dave Green giving the movie his own feel. This thing is still GOING to feel like a Bay movie, but maybe Green can also mix in his own film style to it. Poor guy: it's his second movie, and he's about to have his career ruined. Like, literally everyone knows this movie is going to be bad. Everyone knew the other movie was going to be bad. Remember when Jonathan, Andrew, and Brad walked out last year in Comic Con, and basically no one clapped?

And then they go, "WE GOT THE BLESSING FROM KEVIN EASTMAN." 1. Eastman says that because he's doing the IDW comics. So, the longer TMNT stays popular (Aka, ticket sales), the better chance he has at being able to continue the comics. Plus, at that point, he probably signed something that said, "Shut up and you won't be sued." 2. When Laird saw the Turtles, he basically said, "What the hell did they do to my creations?!"

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