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To be clear, I understand what O.P. is getting it. It's not that "it doesn't compute" it's that I think there is a direction-of-reason that it should compute in automatically to most readers. I think part of this is perception.

For example, from the get-go I did not perceive those events to be in comics as Marvel canon, but rather in comics as tributes to tragic affairs. And because as a publisher, you wouldn't want to trivialize those events, you then maintain the event as the status quo in your "world". And so it's "event canon" out of respect for the affair rather than "story canon" out of story opportunity.

I mean the other hint that what I'm describing is the correct perception is that they don't do this for every global event. It's for things that hit home or are noteworthy, otherwise it's for comedy. I'm telling you - LOL- Iron man vol 1 is like a history lesson. If you comb through enough issues there are little nod to past Presidents or story content to minor political affairs. But most of us understand those nods rather than embracing them as canon continuity.

I think I've explained my perspective on this pretty clearly at this point. I can't help but feel that it's just common sense. I dunno. I respect the initiating of the topic in the thread, but I can't understand how anyone can't understand these sort of acknowledgments in the books.
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