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What's likely the only record I need in my attempt to collect all the mixes of Ya Kid K's Awesome (You Are My Hero) came in the mail today. Also, the hardware needed to transfer them to CD showed up too. ^_^ I'm thrilled beyond words.

So, anyway, here's the listing:

A1 (Single Mix) (4:02)
A2 (12" Slammin' Mix) (7:20)
B1 (Radical 12" Mix) (7:22)
B2 (Instrumental) (4:10)
B3 (Acapella) (3:24)

The Single Mix appears to be the same as on the Turtles 2 OST. I'm willing to bet the 12" Slammin' Mix is the exact same as the Slammin' Club Mix I got on CD not too long ago. Radical 12" is another one of those "if this is new to me, they sure didn't make it obvious" tracks. Instrumental is pretty cool. Can't get this one on CD, but it's always nice to have extra karaoke material. And, Acapella is the track I got on the French single recently, but the 12" doesn't have as abrupt an ending. The CD version just cut off in the middle of the final beat.
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