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Batman: The Long Halloween animated movie is in the works at Warner Bros.

Arguably the biggest news reveal is the panel?s confirmation of rumors that the acclaimed storyline Batman: The Long Halloween will receive a two-part animated feature film adaptation.

Part one of Batman: The Long Halloween will debut in the summer of 2021, with the second and final installment due out in the fall of next year.

A 13-issue comics story arc from Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale that was first published in 1996, The Long Halloween chronicles a period early in Batman?s crime-fighting career that sees him on the trail of the Holiday Killer, a serial murderer who claims a new victim on each major holiday.

In the meantime, Batman remains busy breaking the power of organized crime in Gotham City through his alliance with the GCPD?s Jim Gordon and District Attorney Harvey Dent.

Batman?s mission to catch Holiday also sees him cross paths with supervillains such as Joker, Catwoman, Scarecrow, Calendar Man, and Solomon Grundy.

There?s been speculation that The Long Halloween could be an inspiration for The Batman, director Matt Reeves? live-action reboot starring Robert Pattinson due out next year. Like The Long Halloween, The Batman is set during the early years of the Dark Knight?s career and will, as Reeves has said, be a Noir-style detective story told from Batman?s point-of-view.
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