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Hey Bobby, thanks for taking the time to sit down and reply to our monotonous questions.

Here's mine , and I'm sorry if it's been asked.

I'm loving The Last Ronin so far, it's really one of the more unique stories the franchise has ever gotten. My only real disconnect with it is the story's picking and choosing of what aspects of Turtles lore it wants to build upon. My initial interpretation of the idea was that The Last Ronin was a potential future of the Original Mirage TMNT. Being a huge fan of story hooks and follow-ups, this had me giddy.

In practice, the book takes a more "general turtles history" approach to the characters' backgrounds (something crossovers are VERY guilty of) and without the story being anchored in defined previous lore, the stakes don't seem as high as I would've hoped.

Obviously, we've only gotten two books, so this might all feel like a moot point once the story is finished, but here's my question. During the creation process, was it a conscience decision to not make this a Mirage canon book, or was the story just kinda crafted without any specific backstory in mind?

TL/DR - Why isn't it set in the Mirage or IDW universes, and is there a firm reason for this decision?
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