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I'm not ready to stop calling out the cheap animation. These adaptions have so much potential. I can't believe these are actually beginning to look worse.
Even compared to the the usual mediocrity, this looks like a step down.

Again, I think the fun of The Long Halloween owes much to the fact that you are seeing Gotham through the perspective of Tim Sale. The Long Halloween features so many villains in order to serve the art, more than the story, which is really just a loosely constructed mystery.

Just imagine this movie looking even as gorgeous as the anime-style "Gotham Knight" feature they put out around a decade ago.
If you could mesh that lush animation with Tim Sale's designs, you'd probably have something truly intoxicating to look at. Something you could recommend to your friends who enjoy the occasional, surreal, adult animated movie.
As is, even if the story is adult, the cheap animation deceives you into thinking this movie came with a Happy Meal.
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