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Originally Posted by Coola Yagami View Post
Honestly, take out all the origin crap and Amazing Spider-Man already coulda been Spider-Man 4. Have Pete and MJ break up for good and have Gwen be his new girl.
Gwen has always sucked as a love interest (she can't even outshine MJ at her worst in Spider-Man 3, she's just cardboard in that), even Emma Stone's version of the character only gets by on the basis that version borrowed a lot of traits and personality quirks from the Ultimate Comics version of Mary Jane. There is absolutely nothing of value with Gwen, especially compared to someone like Black Cat, who would have been utilised in Spider-Man 4.

Peter and MJ also never 'permanently break', any attempt at such a thing has often proven disastrous for the franchise. I can see it happening with Dunst's version because she is just not that faithful an adaptation of MJ, but it still would have went over like a lead balloon if they tried it. They tried a decade ago to separate them 'for good' and they're presently back together, with the implication they're going to at least address the devil deal that broke them up.

Yes, I know the Spider-Verse movie deals with their divorce a little, but that film is partially framed around Peter realising how badly he needs her back in his life to make sense of his own and they reconcile by the end of it.

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