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Originally Posted by LeotheLateBloomer View Post
Was Riddler always planned for the Batfleck film? I heard that there was the potential of it being an Arkham adaption.
Yes to Riddler, No for the Arkham thing, that was just fan speculation that was never verified.

More has come out about it recently; Snyder and Joe Manganiello have both spoken about how Deathstroke was scripted as the primary villain of "The Batman" and Riddler would have been the secondary antagonist, planting seeds for his involvement in "Justice League 2". In JL2, Riddler would have cracked the secret of the Anti-Life Equation - "The Ultimate Riddle" - before being killed off. Specifically what he would have done in "The Batman" to foreshadow that, I don't know and I'm not sure how much has been revealed outside of "he was definitely going to be in it as the second Bad Guy". I assume it would have been some sort of conspiratorial shenanigans between Riddler and Deathstroke to make Batman's life miserable.

Suffice to say, the TYPE of Riddler we'll be getting in the new Batman movie is going to be totally different than whatever he would have been in the Affleck version, but the general idea of using Riddler was a holdover from the previous script. Just like the Scarecrow in "Batman Begins" was totally different from what Schumacher would have done, or how the Lizard in "Amazing Spider-Man" wasn't the same as what Raimi was going to do if he'd gotten to do one more; they keep the basic character concept but rework the fine details into whatever the new project is.

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