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Originally Posted by MikeandRaph87 View Post
So what exactly happened in regards to John/Shayiera in the comics?.
My recollections are a little vague, but basically the Shadow Thief killed Vixen and a grief stricken John teamed with Shayiera to take him down. Along the way, Carter is killed so Shay can't move back to him, and ultimately they both reconnect with one another emotionally and conceive Warhawk, making him their love child

Like I said, this explanation is canon to a more mature version of the DCAU and isn't necessarily related to the original.

In the actual DC mainline timeline, John and Shay have never been all that close, Shay was a Thangarian queen, but when Carter was infected by The Batman Who Laughs, she gave it all up to come to his rescue and try to cure him. They both end up dying and being reincarnated in the 1940s where they live and fight alongside the Justice Society. They defeat one of the demon gods of their own people and lose the power to reincarnate, and they choose to spend the rest of their lives together, straight into old age, but they live a long time, well into the distant future. That's the last we've seen of them so far.
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