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Yup, Preacher is generally despised by hardcore fans. I love the comics but never gave the show a real try, so I can't say. I definitely picked up on the disdain however.

The Boys and Invincible were generally very well received, and generally faithful adaptions. No, they may not be 100% exactly like the source material all the time (you can read the books for that), but they are very clearly revere the source material. Especially Invincible, I mean damn. If you can get the TMNT that close to the source material in the 21st century, that'd be a complete and utter win.

So, yeah, I'd say it's a pretty solid track record of adaptions, all things considered. If Mirage still owned TMNT and handed it over to this production team, I'd be damn excited. With Nick at the helm, odds are they skew a different direction.
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