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Star Trek Coda novels

The first book of the Star Trek Coda novels has now been released.

With the return of the Star Trek saga to television screens – without doubt it’s first, best destiny – in shows like Discovery, Picard, Lower Decks and the upcoming Prodigy and Strange New Worlds, the days of the litverse were numbered. What had gone before would be overwritten by new TV adventures, but rather than end with a fade out, we decided to close this incredible two-decade trek with the biggest swing of all – Star Trek: Coda, an epic trilogy written by Dayton Ward, myself and David Mack.

This has been one of the most intensive projects of my writing career, elevated by working with two great co-writers, and collaborating with editors at Simon & Schuster and the production office at Viacom CBS, and it is my sincere hope that readers will come with us for this grand finale of the current incarnation of “Trek Lit”. Personally, I’ve keenly felt the weight of the expectation and responsibility writing these books, but I think we’ve risen to the challenge. Get ready for a story that will change the face of the Star Trek universe forever…
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