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He-Ro finally showed up today!


For those who may not know, this figure is kind of a big deal. He-Ro and Eldor were supposed to be two of the first figures in the "Powers of Grayskull" line in 1987, before Mattel abruptly pulled the plug on all things He-Man. Thus, neither figure ever made it past the prototype stage, and were never produced in the vintage 5.5 scale or style until the 2018 Super7 line finally made it a reality.

I love all the details of the packaging, right down to the "Coming In 1987" cross-sell artwork. They really knocked it out of the park on this.

Eldor and Shadow Weaver should be here by Monday if not sooner. After that, I'll only need Buzz-Off and Evil Seed and I'll have all the main Super7 5.5s, not counting variants. Oh, and the Three Terrors-related figures, I gotta get them too, eventually. Anyways, we're getting there!

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