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You know MCU Spider-Man calls Empire Strikes Back and Aliens "old movies" to demonstrate how young he is, despite both of those movies being close to 30-40 years old by that point? And you know how how movies made in the 50's and 60's were considered old in the 80's and 90's despite being about as old as ESB and Aliens are now?

Old is kind of subjective.

... Although, I guess when the technology used to make the movie is obviously dated, that might be a good benchmark? So when a movie is in black and white, not because of a stylistic choice but because it was all they had or it was actually a budget thing back then, then one might call it old once color film was cheap enough to no longer justify black and white as the norm? That's probably not a good metric because it would mean Night of the Living Dead is "older" than The Wizard of Oz, which is objectively wrong.

Hm... How about this, a movie is old when it's been over 20 years after it's been released and there hasn't been a sequel or remake in over 10? Basically, when the studio don't care about it beyond DVD sales and streaming revenue and it's probably just going to be without derivatives until it enters the public domain. That's not objective either though.
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