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Originally Posted by Andrew NDB View Post
It's interesting that in the almost-made TMNT 4 with Kirby the Magic 4th Turtle or whatever and NT:TNM both, there was a clear inclination to "continue their mutation" and enbeefen the Turtles. I guess you can't really point the finger solely at Platinum Dunes and Paramount, since both Kevin and Peter seemed to be OK with that direction, though probably not nearly to the extent they are in the latest "film." It's really the accessorizing that bothers me most.
It's weird because this idea keeps coming back and I'm not sure anyone ever really wanted it? There's also the 50 different times they became superheros, the anime/manga with the super mutations, and if you expand it to just a plain "let's screw with the turtles" you can count Raphael and Donatello in late Mirage and perhaps even the Image changes.

Somehow the franchise seems to have a hard-on for screwing with the TMNT's physical states, and as a long time fan I don't feel like that was ever really anything I wanted to see. Perhaps I'm alone on that, but it's so strange.

Originally Posted by neatoman View Post
This exactly what I meant.

Also, I don't know that will be the case, I pulled it from my ass because it seems like something that could happen.
This is basically how Shredder worked in the leaked script.

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