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Originally Posted by CyberCubed View Post
Bebop generally has to be human because it explains where the shades and purple mohawk are from. Why would an animal be able to grow human hair (that's dyed purple no less) and wear sunglasses? It makes no sense.

Um, Cubed, in case you weren't aware of it- warthogs already HAVE a "Mohawk" of sorts. Here:

And in case Disney's not enough proof, here's a real one:

Bebop doesn't need to ne human to have the Mohawk, Or the shades- but it would make more sense for his "gang-punk" look/attitude. (And I'm suddenly envisioning Bobcat Goldthwaite for his voice! LOL, it would fit, in the version, to be sure....)

Originally Posted by Xav View Post
Don had glasses and Raph had sunglasses in the first film.

Yeah, and there ya have it. Animals wearing "hooman stuff". Then again, they're ninjas, so they have to "blend"....
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