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Guidelines (Please read before starting a new thread here)

Before starting a new word game in this forum, please read the following guidelines. These won't be as strictly enforced as the Forum Rules, but if you don't keep these guidelines in mind, your thread may be locked or deleted.
  1. This forum is for word games, not for spam threads or chat threads. In other words, "dance threads," "war threads," etc. don't have a place on The Technodrome Forums, so please take them elsewhere.
  2. Please make sure that your game requires some creativity for each reply. This means that threads with predetermined answers (i.e., threads where you know exactly what the next person will say, such as counting threads) are not allowed.
  3. This guideline doesn't apply much to starting new threads, but please avoid excessive back-and-forth posting between two people in any thread.
Also, please note that some of the larger threads in this forum will periodically have older posts deleted in order to save database space.

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