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Originally Posted by Sumac View Post
Its a valid stance, that I think works, when you need to remind people their unrealistic expectations are just that - unrealistic expectations.

Like when they expect dark and gritty action from a show which was intended to be a comedy.

It's not a matter of being kind for kindness' sake, it's exactly as described above.

With any legacy property, the fandom always thinks X will be exactly what THEY want it to be, then they get mad when it isn't. You have to adjust your perspective.

In this case of this particular series, it being "good for what it is" means "Sure, this isn't the classic UY we know, but if you can accept that, & acknowledge that this was always meant to be something entirely different, a Kung-Fu Panda inspired kids show that merely takes notes from UY, you'll find it has its own charms, humor, & design work, that stands on their own, among other action cartoons for children." or whatever.

Same for Rise of the TMNT. People go into it expecting drama, darkness, violence, whatever, based on the prior iteration. It was never meant to be that. It's a wacky, random, balls to the walls kid show that puts goofiness first. Just like they said it would be. Yet, people watched it one episode after another going "Where's the multi-part plot driving mystery?!" as if it isn't just meant to be a bag of candy.

"It's good for what it is" simply means "I am able to take this at face value, & enjoy it, despite the fact it is doing something different than I would have initially expected from this creator/series/etc."

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