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Originally Posted by Patraw View Post
William is a pretty cool looking character--is he finished? If so, the paintwork is pretty basic; again, I'd suggest some washes or dry brushing to kick things up a notch. The white areas would probably look neat with some kind of pattern on them too (dragons, or whatever).
Yeah, he's finished. I've got a bit of light gray accented areas that's hard to tell from the pics, but I didn't want to do a wash or drybrush. I'm trying my first wash job on the figure I'm doing now.

The Yakuza are well known for their elaborate tattoos as well (although they generally cover them in public), that might be another idea for spicing up the appearance on the arms.
His tattoo is... well... telling would be a spoiler XD

Mammon and Chuck are cool. Decap Attack kind of miffed me since it was basically Sega ripping off their own awesome game (Psycho Fox on the Master System), but it wasn't overall terrible. I always thought the face-on-the gut that shot out was creepy as Hell. I like how your figure's more stylized after the in-game sprite than the cover.
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