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City at War - What side are you on?

We kinda already know that the episodes end up with the turtles eventually fixing the problems they have caused, but I always wondered who was more "right".

I'll quickly recap City at War for being sure:
The turtles "defeated" Shredder (now discovered to be Ch'rell) in the TCRI building. This, sadly, caused alot of troubles in the city, because Shredder was tecnically the one who controlled the entire criminal activity in the city. Without him, smaller "factions" like the Purple Dragons, the Foot remains and the Mobsters tried to rise up and gain the territories previously owned by Shredder.
The wars between the factions eventually cause death or injuries to innocents in the city, and Leo starts to feel responsable for it because THEY defeated the Shredder.
Leo wants to fix the situation, in some way, but Raph tries to tell him that is not their fault if the city started to have those problems. The two argue about it for alot of time until, because of Leo, they end up being part of the war. Karai arrives because she heard about the problems of the city, and as Shredders "daughter", she had to fix the situation aswell.
The three episodes end up with the turtles joining Karai and helping her to regain the control over the city.

Tecnically, it's obvious that Leo is the most ethically correct, but at the same time both Splinter and Raph go against him, while Don and Mike are "neutral".
I mean, what they have done is basically give back the power to Shredder, sure not the best they could have done.

Since the story of the show is already written, and it doesn't have any sense arguing about who's really right (since Shredder obviously gets defeated), I ask you guys instead which part you would have choosen.

If you were in the same situation, you would have tried to "fix" such a big situation, or you would have ignored it waiting for it to end itself?

As for me, I don't really know. I'm usually the one who doesn't play as the hero of the situation, unless it's actually my fault. But, at the same time, I would feel kind of bad not doing anything about it.
So I would probably choose a middle path, like, trying to help by not direct means.

Post me your idea, and please, be expansive with the reason of your choice other than being honest!
(ah yes, and if this thread was already made in the past, sorry)
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