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Originally Posted by myconius View Post
i tip my hat to both of you fine Gentlemen!

i too help support the IDW Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comics by buying every single Issue to come out as well as in digital. (and any variant cover that isn't ridiculously overpriced)
then i buy the subsequent releases in both Trade Paperback as well as Hardcover collections.

unfortunately there are those out there that claim to love the series yet will not help support it even by purchasing the issues, nor paperback, nor hardcovers, not even Comixology.
yet they are overly vocal about wanting the series to continue on.


i don't know.... maybe it's just me? but i do find that pretty annoying.
especially when they go into the editor's thread talking about what they'd like to see in the series. or how they'd love it if the Mutanimals would get their own standalone comic.

might as well go to a restaurant, order up an elaborate meal, then tell them you aren't going to pay for it.
Yeah this guys has an ego to go in there an do that while openly admitting to not supporting the series.

But I think the point is we need you two to keep inflating these sales figures so the series can live on

I currently only by the issues monthly from my LCS, but will eventually get the giant hardcovers/Omnibus for reading purposes
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