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Originally Posted by spookycookies View Post
You know, I think that the free sampler they give out every year or so is a great primer for new people to jump into, but my LCS and apparently many to most LCS's did not know about TMNT or why it was a thing. I am glad we are doing stuff like TMNT/Ghostbusters and Batman and Injustice and I am sure once IDW gets their feet on the ground with Sonic he will end up meeting the turtles as well.

As for universe, forgive me if I already said my piece on it but I think that with all the characters running around in TMNT we could have never managed with just one monthly book. The micros were ok but I think it's better to have a solid numbering system so universe has that going for it but I think the problems it has kind of has to do with how it manages the order of content. If the main line of comics is doing 4-5 issue story arcs then I think universe should try and keep to 1-2 issue stories, 3 at the most. I know you got to write for the trade but we can't ever have another 4 issue April & Casey again, even people like me who put a large amount of their spending money into this series are struggling to deal with that. I'm not the editor I don't know all the numbers but there's got to be a balance. The next Universe story looks great and i think people are going to like it because it has the turtles staring in it but we still have a lot of other characters that need time. I guess the best way to handle it was like back in 34-36 where we had 1/2 turtles with a few side characters. That's how Universe should work.
yeah i wish that the Free sampler had better distribution. my LCS didnít even get it.
i believe IDW has given away free copies of issue #1 in the past, as well as selling the greatest hits copy of it for $1.
thatís always a good way to hook new readers.

i agree about the necessity of Tmnt Universe. and as much as i love having the back-up stories (most of the time)
there are times iíd rather the back-up occasionally be sacrificed, unless there is a story that really needs to be told like ĎInside Outí or Ďwhat is ninja?í
i also do like the flexibility of being able to see 2 to 3 or even 4 issue supporting arcs in Universe. yeah Casey & April was definitely a story that could have been told in a single issue i think. i almost feel like Tmnt Universe #11 felt like another filler story that didnít really do much for the series overall. iím actually really happy the Turtles will be more of focus in the upcoming Universe arc.
i love the series. but i just wish the Turtles were more front and center.

Originally Posted by Redeemer View Post
But I think the point is we need you two to keep inflating these sales figures so the series can live on

I currently only by the issues monthly from my LCS, but will eventually get the giant hardcovers/Omnibus for reading purposes
just doing my part citizen.

how you just get the single issues from your LCS, that's the best way to do it.
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