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Originally Posted by CyberCubed View Post
November sales weren't posted here, so:

TMNT Ongoing #76 12,258
TMNT Ghostbusters II all sold between the 10,000-12,000 range
TMNT Universe 16 8,044

No December sales yet of course.

Universe only sold 8,000 copies this month, might be the lowest a IDW TMNT comic ever sold unless I'm forgetting something.
Been a while since I was checking this board or sales numbers. Life gets in the way.

But doing a quick Find by IDW, it looks like the main TMNT book is their third best-selling overall; the second-best ongoing below Star Wars Adventurers (the Ghostbusters crossover #1 beat the ongoing by about 500). TMNU is #12 for IDW overall, but if you don't count the TMNT/GB crossover, it comes in #7 for IDW's ongoings by my count. (I'm assuming Star Trek Discovery and Sword of Ages are ongoings? They're both at #1 this month, which explains why they sold so well.)

Far as I can tell, the TMNT secondary book beat the My Little Pony and Transformer secondary books. If you look at where TMNTU stands in IDW's rankings, it's doing fairly well, at least by this list. And the TMNT ongoing continues to be one of IDW's top performers month to month.

...How did I miss that IDW publishes Star Wars Adventures? I've been buying those for my nieces. No surprise to see that one selling gangbusters.
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