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Whether or not a director has final cut is usually contractual and is often a luxury many directors have to fight for. Barron's work prior mostly consisted of music videos and a handful of episodes for Jim Henson's Storyteller. His only film prior to this was a lesser known film called Electric Dreams. The chances of him getting that luxury were probably slim.

A good director knows to "kill their babies" when they negatively impact the film. Not doing that isn't some overly generalized trait all directors have and there are a number of director's cuts that are better than the theatrical versions, including: Aliens, Blade Runner: The Final Cut, the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy, Dark City, The Abyss, Mimic, and although I'm partial to the 1977 theatrical cut, the general consensus is the director's cut of Close Encounters of the Third Kind is the best version. I'd even make arguments for The Frighteners and Nicholas Meyer's two Star Trek films. Plus, that number gets even larger when you consider the vast amount of films in which the theatrical cut is the director's cut.

Also, yes, directors do spend time in the editing room. Yes, the work is done by the editor, but directors do give input and are often involved in the editing of their film in some capacity.

EDIT: Of course, there are also a number of occasions in which directors such as Ridley Scott, Walter Hill, and George Lucas have gone back to some of their noteworthy films and delivered inferior versions. Things are very rarely generalized and all across the board as people claim. Sometimes something is good, sometimes it sucks.

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