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Originally Posted by Leo656 View Post
This has not been my experience. Almost every Director's Cut I've ever watched contained crucial pieces of plot and character development which were clearly cut for running time or to appease the ratings board, not to make the film any better.

It's entirely possible that we watch completely different kinds of films, but I'm curious what you're basing your opinion on.

I will say that the "Apocalypse Now" DC had a few slow spots, but so did the rest of the movie so it didn't really bother me. And the ending of the theatrical cut of "Legend" made more sense, while the rest of the movie was better served by the DC. That's all I can think of off the top of my head.
I’ll say Blade Runner is one of the only examples I feel this way about. I love Coppola’s cut of Apocalypse Now, but the added plot is wholly unnecessary and the movie is already a trash fire albeit a beautiful one. I’ve definitely watched his cut way more times than the original.
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