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Only having seen the Final Cut, and only once, I will say that it's a good movie, but a bit slow. I don't think it lives up to its reputation, necessarily, but then again nothing really does. I can see how some people might be disappointed with it.

Like I've heard a lot of people go into it and come out disappointed due to hearing about it's "masterpiece" status for several decades, and then when they see it it's like, "That's it?". That's why I try to remove myself from the hype before experiencing most things; helps me have more realistic expectations.

Haven't seen the recent sequel, since again, my wife didn't care for the original and everything I've heard about the new one suggests that it's the kinda movie I really like, and she really hates. But I'll pick it up one of these days and "force" her to watch it in exchange for me sitting through some junk starring Johnny Depp, or something.

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