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How much do you care about the artist behind the music?

A lot of music figures have achieved legendary status not only or not even necessarily for their talent but for their charisma, stage presence and larger than life persona. A lot of bands are known for their legendary frontmen like Queen with Freddie Mercury, for example.

Quite frankly, I'm not good with band members names for the most part. I probably can't name you the members of about 80% of the bands I listen to. I mostly know about the members of the bigger bands such as Metallica, Zeppelin, The Beatles, Queen, etc.

What matters the most to me is if the songs or the music people make is good. I don't care if one band has less charismatic members than other. What matters to me is that I like their songs better than the other band's.

I respect a lot of legendary music figures for their contributions and all, but that doesn't automatically make me like their music or acts they've been a part of. But society has a thing for deifying celebrities. I guess people often want their music to be done by someone they can feel some sort of personal connection to...

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