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Originally Posted by JerpJerp View Post
Just found this looking for something else...THIS IS AMAZING. AMAAAAAAZING. I want that so bad it hurts

Originally Posted by IMJ View Post
Another great example of how even just the appropriate and careful paint apps can change everything.
Thanks! Did some sculpt work also.

Originally Posted by Turnstone View Post
This thread doesn’t seem relevant now that the new perfect NECA one is coming out.
Relevant to what? This is a custom I did years ago, has nothing to do with NECA. Not like I’m just gonna stop customizing because some toy companies are making new figures.

Originally Posted by IMJ View Post
I think it's okay! This guy's hobby at updating old Playmates toys continue to show what that line could've been if care was taken to relate the toyline to the direction of the FW show with appropriate coloring.

I mean... bare minimum, it's just as relevant as the consumer-sucking Super 7 line that people are excited about.
I do still customize TMNT figures to fit into the old Playmates scale, even though NECA now has a toon line, the ones that re-use parts kinda stand out to me. That toon Shredder they whipped up for SDCC just doesn’t do it for me, and taking shortcuts on Shredder (being the main villain), plus the price point since most NECA figures are scalped on Ebay, and they never have them at any stores near me, discouraged me from collecting the whole line. I do have some of them such as the SDCC toon set, Bebop&Rocksteady (my Bebop fell off the shelf and the leg broke, after paying Ebay price). I got the NECA Metalhead too, it looks amazing, definitely my favorite of the line. If all the figures in the line were 100% perfectly accurate and in scale, then I’d definitely wanna collect the whole line, regardless of price.

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