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People generally don't reach a point where they realize they never knew jack sh*t until sometime in their mid-30s, I find. You just sort of wake up one day and realize that you were always a loudmouth dipsh*t, and you wish you could go back and punch your past self in the face. I'm guessing they aren't there yet.

I mean I can at least have a conversation with someone who's about 30-ish, but any younger than that and it's just impossible. Just the worst, most insufferable "I know better than anyone about everything/Anything before my time was trash" kinda sh*t. And only someone with my level of depth and savoir faire can pull that off without sounding like a complete twatbox.

All kids are punks, and none of em know sh*t. The only thing they're good at is making authoritative statements of questionable merit despite being an "authority" on absolutely nothing.

AND they all have sh*tty taste in music. Unequivocally.

"I left some words quite far from here to be a short reminder...
I laid them out in stone, in case they need to last forever..."

"But hey... I'm not telling you anything that you don't already know."
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