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Originally Posted by Spitfire666xXxXx
I feel I need to revise that list I posted awhile back

No real order SInce the top 5 become my favorite at certin times.

Children Of Bodom
Arch Enemy
Dark Tranquillity
(Old) In Flames
Cradle Of Filth
Iron Maiden

That's all to be honest. On my other list I added bands I don't even like alot. And Amaran suck. I don't know why I ever liked them. I'm making this post almost a year later. Funny to see how little my taste changed. I see that as a good thing though.
It is also a good thing that the boyband craze ended, as well as the Spice Girls frenzy that plagued our nations, so a change in musical taste should always be considered a good thing.
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