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Season 1 overall

Hi guys,

I finally finished season 1 yesterday on Netflix. Just want to give my thoughts on the show which will contain +Spoilers.

I like the show. Not bad! I wasn't expecting much but the villains on the show really works and I do enjoy the humor. Story plots are often weak but I did find quite a few gems.

I really like the last 2 episodes with the Turtles becoming more serious and adapting the "Tamato" way. However, it's disappointing that at the end they converted back to normal.... Kinda of defeated the purpose of the training.
I was so looking forward to the turtles growing up at the season finale, being true ninjas and picking up their original signature weapons like a graduation day. Sad it didn't happen

I'm surprise to see April play such a small role in the show along with the mystic cat thing. But mainly shocked to see season1 didn't bother to explore how her and the Turtles met.

The other thing that I find surprising was Splinter's origin. I am fine that Splinter is actually Lu Jit-Tsu but at the season finale it's revealed that he is actually Hamato Yoshi.... I don't know if it was the writers attempt to tie it back closer to what people normally regonize. But It just felt very unnecessary. Splinter doesn't have to be Hamato Yoshi. He was not Yoshi in the comics and movies. It was something that got adapted in the cartoons.
Would have been nice to just keep Splinter/Lu Jit-Tsu and have him later explained is a disciple of Hamato Yoshi. I just think it's better to have Splinter and Hamato Yoshi interactions than giving him so many identities.

Overall, really enjoyed the show. Can't wait for season 2 and the movie to arrive on Netflix
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