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Farmhouse Recent Photos TMNT 1990

Its been a dream since I was a child to visit any of the filming locations from the first 2 turtles films.
One of those places was the old farmhouse from part 1. Over the years I wondered if it was even still standing.
My thoughts ran wild thinking it was abandoned... rotting away in the hot sun, or if it was just a facade and torn down after filming.

I remember scrolling through instagram, and seeing the house in its present state. My jaw dropped. I couldn't believe it was still there.
I sent messages to both property masters Richard and Robbie, and both stated they STILL film at that house.
I was blown away. How can this be?

Petie said if you ever come out to North Carolina I will take you to it. So I set to fly out in August. Which is what I did.
Saturday 8/19 after having breakfast with Petie we drove to the house with My wife and son and here are the photos

When we arrived there was actually a security guard on site as they were filming the tv show "Good Behavior"
on Tuesday and all of the trailers/crane were dropped off prior.


This is the barn directly behind the house. Several movies/Television shows have also filmed inside. 1 Movie called the Devils Hand. The upper floor has been reinforced to withstand a full crew and dolly for the camera.

This is a back veiw of the home. When Casey and April are on the porch swing it is down on the first level, but when casey actaully breaks the chain on the porch swing that was actually on the upper deck, as you can see the door behind it. If you watch the movie its really odd because it cuts from downstairs of them arguing, to then a scene upstairs when he falls...

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