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Originally Posted by Leo656 View Post
A few of my friends had a Game Gear... but they never played it "on the go" because of the sh*tty battery life. So they only ever played it while tethered to the wall using a power adapter, thus defeating the entire point of a handheld system. I guess it made sense in the poorer households where they only had one TV; the kids could sit on the couch and play game Gear while Mom watched whatever on the TV. Otherwise seemed a bit pointless to have a handheld system you could only play at home plugged into the wall, color screen or no.

As for specifically why no TMNT Game Gear game, I'd agree it was probably a combination of Konami's Nintendo contracts plus the fact that Game Gear sales were never through the roof anyway, thus negating any financial upside of making an exclusive game for the system.
Yeah, all of this. Bingo. And I too remember lots of stories of abysmal battery life.

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