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Originally Posted by neatoman View Post
  1. The Russo-Ukrainian war started after this movie began production, so it is the least likely to be in this movie, not that everything here wasn't far fetched to begin with. And I don't want to derail this, but it is troubling to me that there are people who consider the war to be trivial and/or that it's "woke" to be opposed to a dictatorship trying to annex a sovereign nation through warfare. I mostly see this attitude from Americans and I understand that to Americans politics mostly amounts to an idiotic game of pointless polarisation of bullshit topics, but you have to learn when something is actually worth taking seriously. This war is forcing several european countries to re-arm and my own country may drastically change it's stance on neutrality because of this. It is not trivial like some nonsense about abortion or the usual crap Americans pretend to care about because they are bored.
the war is staged, complete bs money laundering operation by the biden crime family since they have to pay back ukraine for hunter biden’s burisma deal where he made millions from ukraine, and of course, 10% for the big guy (china joe).

crooked democrats are sending our tax dollars to ukraine while inflation is at an all time high.

yeah, hunter biden’s ukraine dealings before the war is not suspicious at all…
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