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Originally Posted by CyberCubed View Post
Somehow the Russia/Ukraine war is related to a CG TMNT movie.
Well no, not really. 1987 made some troll post about the various "woke" things that could be in this movie, which for some reason included supporting Ukraine in this conflict. I pointed out that trying to trivialise an actual war to the point where it just falls into idiotic culture war of pointless polarisation, is dumb because this is clearly having a negative impact on the world as we know it. Then he just threw out another troll post about how Joe Biden is staging this war, even though the US is not a combatant here, the US potentially being forced into it if spills over into NATO territory, Sweden getting closer to becoming a NATO member because of this, Germany re-arming as a result, a lot of people have died already, we have plenty of photographic evidence of it, Ukrainians are becoming refugees, Russians leaving their country because the sanctions are making it unbearable, etc.

I say trolling because you would have to be tremendously stupid to think the war is either trivial or staged, especially if you assume it is Biden who is staging it.
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