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Well I have personally compared Hob to Magneto but with the descriptor of Dumb Thug Magneto rather than just Magneto. I think the difference between Magneto and Hob is that Magneto actually understands his problems and can win over allies with arguments and offers, Hob on the other hand just seems too stupid to understand what he wants and needs, while also completely failing to gain proper allies. The mutanimals basically consists of mutants who either joined him because there weren't any viable options or because he personally mutated them to join him. His recruitment attempt of Leatherhead failed because he lost his cool and would rather throw a grenade at him than ever entertaining the notion he doesn't have a place in the natural world, even for the purpose of arguing against it. That and expecting the mutation of thousands of unwilling people would work out in the longrun just seems like signs of stupidity, not Bebop and Rocksteady stupid but more like Eric Cartman stupid, in that he's smart enough to smart enough to formulate plans but not smart enough to fully consider the consequences, reconsider the plan or even reflect on the previous mistakes.

Is he meant to be stupid? Obviously not extremely stupid or obviously stupid but like a little dumber than most people?
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Turtles is basically the red-headed stepchild of Nick.
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