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Originally Posted by superstaff View Post
I was gonna make a new thread about this, but I found this one, so I'll revive it instead.

Kind of weird that people give Jason Biggs so much grief because he posts risque/dirty/gross stuff on his Twitter since Seth Green created, writes for, and acts in Robot Chicken. Have you guys ever seen some of the skits on that show? They're pretty violent and sexual, and go over the line sometimes. I say this as a fan of Robot Chicken, too.
Originally Posted by IndigoErth View Post
While you have a point where Green's professional stuff is concerned, seems it was some specific non and unprofessional continual behavior from Biggs that just eventually went too far for people. I forget what it was, but recall at least in one instance (that may have been part of it?) where he was making crude jokes way too soon (and would probably always be too soon) about some tragedy. Just being a man child refusing to outgrow a teenage urge to provoke unnecessary upset. (Not to mention that sort of behavior over something tragic that happened is rather psychopathic...)

It was a longtime thing with him and I can see how that crap just gets to a point where a company feels that the behavior of someone they are employing is not something they want to be associated with or want representing them, esp when it gets to the point that their consumer/viewer has had enough of it. Hell, McDonald's probably would have fired him too. Free speech and all, but it was never promised to have zero consequences if you go too far; only a right not to be arrested over it.

Didn't it also surface later that some of his behavior in studio was also questionable? Has probably been posted about here, but too lazy to look through 30+ pages to find it...

Seth Green...I haven't heard of any public issues with him in how he carries himself. Robot Chicken and Ameican Pie are both non-issues and unrelated to Nick's brand. Harder though to separate bad pubic behavior if you're part of that brand at the time and one of the people behind a series.
Biggs mocked the death multiple times when it came to people losing their lives in aviation accidents. He also made the vilest and disgusting jokes imaginable about the wives of politicians and the Pope. Green's show Robot Chicken might have violent and gross humor, but he has never been unprofessional or mocked anyone deaths.

Originally Posted by Powder
How about Gilbert Gottfried (Kraang Sub-Prime)? He uses allll the no-no words.
The studio had a history with him. He voiced Dr. Fender on The Fairly Oddparents. He said some pretty bad stuff in the past, but I don't recall the press talking about his comments on social media while he was doing TMNT.
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