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Dream Studios - fan comics from Russia

Hello, everybody! My name is Artem, I'm from Russia and I and my friends are huge fans of TMNT. In 2012 we created a creative group called "Dream Studios". Since then we have been creating our own fan comics about Ninja Turtles. Our team includes three artists - Dasha Ko, Linami and Dark Man. Arseny Dubakov (Demon-Alukard), who is the editor-in-chief of the publishing house "Illusion Studios" (the official publishing house for the comics "Mirage" in Russia) also helps us.

This year our team turns 5 years old. During this time we created 6 different comics about the Turtles in Russian. In 2017, we are preparing for release three more comics and begin translating our comics into English.

Examples of pages of our comics in Russian:

Sorry for my bad English
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