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I'm all over it! For space purposes I had to put it back in the box for now but it'll keep well.

Hopefully you'll manage to dig up a spare $50 while it stays in that range. It's been out for over a year and the price hasn't fluctuated much, so they're still really easy to get for now. Good luck! Every 5.5 collector needs one'a these! Lots of companies have shamelessly ripped off MOTU over the years but I can't remember anyone ever pulling it off so well.

Some more figures came in the mail today. I only need two more, I think, to complete the "DC Primal Age" line.




I needed to get one more figure to qualify for free shipping on this order, so I figured I may as well get started on the "Savage World" Street Fighter line since I didn't have any yet. Chun-Li was the cheapest, so she's the one I got!

Amazon sent me the pink variant, which I wasn't expecting, but it's fine! I was gonna get around to picking that one up eventually, anyway. So I'm off to a great start with that series!

Most of the Funko 5.5's are still around $9-15 everywhere online, so if you're at all interested in these there's no better time to jump in! Most of the sets are only about 5 figures deep, so you can pick up entire sets for less than $60! I'm only missing a few!

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