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What about MotU Origins? Are you into those at all? I'm pretty much as all-in as I can be. By that I mean there are certain characters that I consider essential, like Teela and Zodac, while there are others I've never felt the need to connect with, like Roboto. So far I've barely got a start with just He-Man and Skeletor as my only proper figures, though my very first purchase was Battle Cat.

I'm tempted to get some of the Savage World stuff myself, especially Lion-O, Cheetara, and maybe Panthro, but the Slythe just doesn't doesn't measure up for me. I love the vintage motu scale and form factor, but the articulation on Origins is what makes them irresistable for my taste. Only the color scheme has been a drawback.

On the other hand, the WWE figures have the kind of colors I like, so the pop and swap feature is opening up a lot of potential.
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