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For a while I was pretty much on the same page as you about the color schemes; not necessarily bothered. Once I got my figures in hand, though, it started nagging at me, and I considered painting them. Like I was getting at, though, the WWE guys have much more natural skin tones and such, so having those to fall back on for easy custom solutions has been nudging me toward learning to appreciate the new color scheme for its own merits and just keep them as is, enjoying them for what they are. Like you said, ultimately it does them their own unique style instead of just slavishly re-treading what's already been done. I'm still pretty adamant on touching up Battle Cat, though.

So far He-Man and Skeletor are the only two characters to show up at my one and only local Walmart. Teela is the one I've been most anxious to get all along. What do you think of those knees? They seem to be a little divisive. I wasn't bothered, but I've seen some modification done by He-Bro on youtube that might be preferable. I have a Dremel of my own, so it's tempting to try it myself.

I agree that it's really surprising how quick and comprehensive they're fleshing out the releases. Honestly I'm a little worried by it. They're putting out so many toys in advance of the new shows or movie, it has me concerned they won't see the sales numbers they're aiming for in time to keep things moving. I really want it all to succeed! I've been craving decent barbarian figures for quite a while, and I've deeply missed the MotU property, so I want it to carry on for a good long while, and deliver lots of my favorite characters, vehicles and playsets! I want to see The Horde again -- not least of all the Fright Zone and Slime Pit!

It's easy to keep forgetting there's also the Masterverse series coming up. If I understand right, those are also supposed to be affordable and available at retail. I doubt I'll dive deep into that, but at the very least I'm hopeful for bits and pieces that would expand custom options. Have you seen the leaked Moss Man yet? It suggests Masterverse will offer a fairly substantial re-imagining of assets. I'm eager to see what that might mean for yet another Grayskull!
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