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Got one step closer to completing the entire Funko "Savage World"/"Primal Age" line today, with the arrival of everybody's third (or fourth) favorite Thundercat... Tygra!

I admit I paid more than I'd wanted to for this guy (around $30), but I really need to finish up this line and the Thundercats ones all went up in price a ways back since they stopped production. I bought one a few months back for $15 but the seller flaked out and vanished, so I just bit the bullet and grabbed this guy for the cheapest price I could find.

I only need Jackalman and Monkian, now, to complete this specific series. And they're generally more in the $20 range, which is a little more reasonable. Obviously I regret not snapping these guys up when they were $10-15 at retail, but at least I managed to get Lion-O, Mumm-Ra, and most of the others before they went up in price.

Anyways, pretty standard for this series; good likeness, "vintage" pose and articulation so if you're not into these, this one won't win you over. Comes with his classic whip.

When I was a kid, ALL I wanted was He-Man and Thundercats figures in the same scale as each other, so this set is pretty much fulfilling a childhood dream for me. This leaves only four figures until I've 100% the entire Funko 5.5 series. Pretty exciting!

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