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Well, he only needed it once to demutate the Turtles, then he could easily handle Splinter. He had spent time offscreen in Season one mutating the other punks; so with the Turtles gone, the combined forces of the mutants, Foot solders and possibly Krang's troops (assuming Shredder acts the way he did in the ream episode Shredderville) would overwhelm the city. We saw that happen in Turtles Forever and Batman vs TMNT.

In "Revenge of the Fly", it was learned that he needed a rare crystal to power it which they conveniently found outside the Technodrome in the ocean. But then it was destroyed again and then conveniently reassembled for use in "Wrath of the Rat King". Shredder at least learned from that and had a Retromutagen cannon ready in "Turtle Trek".

A similar example would be in "It Came From Beneath The Sewers" where the same fragment of the Eye of Sarnath which shrunk the turtles and everything in the previous episode suddenly caused some Dimension X mud to mutate into a huge city-overtaking plant creature.
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