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With Marvel, it's not that hard to understand, since the MU was ALWAYS a close analogue of the real world, places, and events, just alternate versions of them, and an alternate history to account for all the weird stuff. They had the massacre in Genosha, we had one in Serbia. It's harder to pin down in DC, where there are places that don't even have any basis in reality, like Themascera(sp?) and Gotham City. Granted, Marvel has a couple of made up countries (Latveria and Wakanda), but they are still based on real ones (Latvia/Lichtenstein and Congo) so it's easier to translate those to a real world scenario. Whereas Gotham has no actual real world parallel. Any city as crime-ridden as Gotham would have been declared under martial law or simply abandoned by most people in our world, because nobody wants to live in a city where someone like Joker or Two Face or Mr Freeze routinely escapes the local asylum. (For that matter, I feel like Gotham's legal system keeps dropping the ball with these guys- in our world, they'd be in Ryker's or have long since been sent to death row.) Marvel villains tend to stay put a little better unless there is some calamity.

Also, I feel I should note that that page is completely out of context. It goes on to show that even villains were HELPING to find survivors, repair or clean up the damage, and actually showing some humanity. They weren't just shedding tears. They were impacted by it, just like everyone else. It's different when you read a story where they cause a lot of damage in a fight or where they are holding nameless, faceless millions hostage for whatever scheme, but then when they see the devastation of a senseless act by terrorists first hand, and see the aftermath, it's a bit of a different story.

And at the end of the day, each one of those villains shown has their own code of ethics and honor of sorts, things they value and won't go against. Even Magneto never killed innocents without remorse, and Dr. Doom actually DOES care about the people of his own country. Octopus is a scientist, so he's pragmatic, but he still believes in decency, as shown when he tried to marry Peter's Aunt May and still wanted to even when he discovered her "inheritance" was a fraud. He cared about her. There was a reason for that scene, and it was showing the humanity in ALL of us, even the ones we usually see only as monsters. That was the whole point.
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