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Originally Posted by Panda_Kahn_fan View Post
I personally think the best kind of movie would be a film with April and the turtles, with strong characterization, and Rat King, Leatherhead, and Slash as villains. An origin retelling no matter how 'grim an' gritty', brings nothing new to the table- though I'm sure a lot of people will come in and cry- 'but you gotta do the shredder origin right first!'- ugh.
That's too many characters for one film. A hard reboot doesn't necessarily mean "origin story," but it does mean wiping the slate clean. You still have to re-introduce the characters on top of the villains. It's better to have them fight one villain in the first and then maybe have them take on multiple ones in the next. You can hit the ground in a sequel in a way you really can't in the first.
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