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I'm considering using the skate ramps simply as elevated surfaces, rather than skate ramps.

Also for $2: a comically incomplete "Shellraiser" Turtle van, from the Nickelodeon cartoon. I had no interest whatsoever in this strange vehicle, but for $2, you bet I'll grab it!

The thing I dislike most is the wheels... and it occurred to me that, without the wheels, the vehicle might serve instead as yet another maintenance room or what-have-you. Again, it'll look much, much better weathered, but I like to think you can smell what I'm cooking:

Here it is on its side atop a skate ramp, behind another skate ramp, and with the computer console from the Rise of Cobra Pit bringing it all together as a workstation for Donatello:

I also paid a dollar for some random hunk of crap that had no business taking up space on the shelf (it's just a piece from some forgotten toy, and it can't possibly have any value or purpose to anyone but a dork like me):

It too has cool details that should pop nicely with the proper weathering. I'll probably use it as part of a wall rather than the floor, although it has some tools sculpted onto its surface (I really can't imagine what the hell this thing was originally), which might look goofy stuck to a "wall".

And now a hasty look at some of the props I'll use to make the place feel lived-in. First up, a Millennium Falcon ornament I got for fifty cents:

I'm gonna make a toy collector of Michelangelo, you see.

And some of the other props:

That's it for now, and it's likely there will be no further progress for a few months, 'cause I can't even afford to buy the spray paint and boards at the moment, and my highest priority right now is shipping more stuff to my long-suffering buddy heymilt so's he can paint it for me.

But eventually I'll build the primary structure, and along the way I'll keep an eye out for hunks of metal and such that can serve as sewer detail and debris, and someday, hopefully, I'll have a kickass lair for my Turtles!
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