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Originally Posted by statik View Post
TLDR - You can't complain till next month. Haha

Soooo I decided to email this morning and amazingly heard back in about four hours. Here you go...

My email:

"Just wondering when this is due to ship? It be great to know your process for this because I assumed first to order, first to ship. Apparently that's not the case so what kind of system do you use?

I'm a member in a bunch of different tmnt groups and let's just say you have some angry customers. If you have any updates I could relay over to turn away the pitchforks, consider it done.


And their response:

"Hi Dan,

Thanks for reaching out! Unfortunately, we do not disclose our process. This item is a pre-order advertised to ship before the end of March 2021 permitting no manufacturing delays. When your order ships you will be notified via email with tracking information. We appreciate your patience and support!

still seeing people posting on twitter that they are receiving theirs
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