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Originally Posted by FrederikWolferson View Post
City at war really deserved more then 3 episodes. Leo is right,IMO. They should clean up after themselves.
As for putting Shredder back in power...criminal will always exist,so it's probably better if its run "cleanly" by one guy/alien then to have constant shoot outs and giant robots stomping around.
Yeah, I too wanted it to be longer. Is one of my favourite trilogy of episodes!
About the "cleaning up" thing, I think it depends.
As Splinter said, you can't "shoulder the weight of the world", some things have to happen, no matter if you feel guilty or not. But just because some things can't be done.
Leo never had a chance against all three factions, so it was an impossible thing to do.

In fact, they succeded thanks to Karai, who basically was part of one of the factions.
Karai joining the thing, very likely shaked off Splinter too, who, again, very likely saw a chance of doing something.
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