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HRMM. Just noticed they updated the shipping date to April on the product page. LOL.

I don't get how they're dropping the ball so oddly on this one. The 1990 LP was so much more of a streamlined release and that one had like almost 8 variants? The four Turtles, Splinter, Casey, April and the Foot. Not counting the SDCC Shredder one.

This just has a standard green retail release outside of the club subscription. The date CONSTANTLY changed from when it was announced in late 2019 and then it finally showed up earlier this year. Just very weird. Though it sounds like a lot of Waxwork stuff has been like that as of late? People are just now also getting their Rob Zombie Halloween LPs and that was announced late summer/early fall I wanna say?

Again ... COVID ****ing sucks, but lots of labels are getting by with more transparent communication on what's going on.

Originally Posted by LincolnHawk View Post
well received shipping confirmation, not sure I'll ever pre order or buy from this company again
You're one of the lucky ones. I bought it the second it went up and still no shipping notice for me.

It's unfortunate because I like they stuff they do, but this one was a weird release ... and it sounds like John Du Prez worked with Waxwork for TMNT III too. I'm sure that'll go up for pre-order in March 2023 and people won't get theirs until August of that year.

Sucks cause I know I'll get that one too to complete the trilogy.

Originally Posted by coreyrc87 View Post
Still haven't received my shipping confirmation, but I've bought from them several times before and had nothing but positive experiences. To be fair, all of the times I bought from them before were in-stock items... Preorders of pretty much anything are delayed as all hell these days, though.
I can only imagine how long the people waiting on their Godzilla box sets will be.

Originally Posted by LincolnHawk View Post
I get that, but them sending out copies to "famous" people, and pretty much telling us "normal" people to eff off, definitely rubbed me the wrong way
Like I'm not the only one that noticed that, right? All of the people getting retweeted with their copies have been writers and journalists. Just seems off to me.
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