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Originally Posted by Canadian Turtle View Post
Greetings people of the 'Drome.

After two years of pushing, prodding and, yes, pleading, the Definitive Film team has finally gotten the go-ahead to dive back into the sewers for Turtle Power Volume II...

We now have the chance to pick up where we left off, showcasing even more TMNT history while bringing you as much new content as we can get our hands on. To that end, we're planning a pre-sell campaign that will allow fans the chance to get their hands on exclusive special features - bonus content we desperately wanted to include in the first volume, but were unable.

This opportunity to take advantage of our incredible treasure trove of Turtle footage and better serve the fan community has been a long time coming. It's something we really fought for and we're thrilled to be this close to bringing it to life.

Tell us what you might want to see in Volume II, share your ideas about bonus content and give us the chance to build a bigger documentary than we could the first time around.

Isaac Elliott-Fisher
Mark Hussey
Randall Lobb
Happy fifth anniversary of the announcement! Are there any updates on this?
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