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Well after what feels like an eternity since it was announced ... it finally arrived yesterday. Having this in hand, I really like this cover much more than what Eastman did for 1990. The ooze coloring for the LP is a nice touch.

Listened to the album yesterday and even held off on Spotify to wait for my full listen to be on my vinyl.

Not as much of a dynamic score all around as 1990, but still some fun moments that take me back to watching SOTO on VHS. Though Side A totally ends with "Tokka and Rahzar" and not "Home Sweet Home", right? Seems like there was a planning and printing error there. Whoops.

I also wish that they didn't just borrow the audio for "Master Say Have Fun" from what came out on the soundtrack back in the day, but oh well. That guy's Shredder impression always kind of took me out, even as a kid listening to my cassette and listening to the full, extended track now and it's even sillier.

I own the actual soundtrack to SOTO on vinyl as well, got it off Discogs, and it's a bummer that Ninja Rap and the newly renamed "Cowabunga Says It All" show up here twice ... but not everyone owns that on LP. All in all, I'm definitely happy that I got this ... but Waxwork really needs to step up their game compared to other labels in their niche when it comes to openness about delivery expectations for sure.

That said ... bring on the even goofier "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III" next (probably sometime in 2023) to complete this trilogy!
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